Friday, February 26, 2010

Flying Solo..kinda sorta

I just dropped Shawn off with all of his camping gear to go snow camping with the scouts this weekend. I am not excited to be left behind. They are actually digging out snow caves to sleep in. I don't know WHY that sounds fun. I think camping should only be allowed in the summer.

On to the best thing that has ever happened in the past six months. My Christmas camera money from Shawn finally turned into the actual camera itself last night. I came home from a 13 hour shift really tired and really not excited to be all by myself this weekend. Sitting on my bed was the box for a Canon Rebel XSI camera. It made my whole night. And now I am not alone after all..I have entertainment for the next 24 hours until my best friend is home.
First pic taken, do I look excited??

Then we ate the best food ever

I think with my new camera, a few friends, a house to clean, blah blah blah I might actually forget I am even flying solo in the first place..just for one day-oops

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bahamas gone bad..

My brilliant sister signed us up for the Valentines Day Massacre..presented by 97.1 a radio station in Salt Lake City. It consisted of 97 women diving into a cake full of all kinds of prizes..the grandest being a 5,000 dollar wedding ring. WE went with very hopes of selling the ring on ebay and flying to the Bahamas..or someone even closely as cool as that

This face is pre-disappointment.

Sadly for me, Jaimee got disqualified being 7 months pregnant (obviously).
But I tried my hardest..I almost got my head taken off.

I am sad to face the truth about how un-intimidating I look in this picture..

Looking back on it I can't figure out how I even had the liberty to be disappointed. My mom reminded me that both of us girls never collected one single egg at any childhood easter egg hunt..and when I played basketball my happiest moments were without the ball in my hands. Aggresive behavior is not my specialty...we all have our personal talents right?

Will I be there next year?? Umm, of course. Will the Bahamas still be around? Right when we got in the car to leave Shawn said..girl you tried your best.
We all know what that means.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Three is Company..

We just got back from El Paso. I don't have any pictures from our trip yet. And Most of them aren't very beautiful-please don't judge. However, this one is one of my favorites. Not because my hair looks good or anything even in the same category as that-because wait none of it does. I only like this picture because of the people in it with me..

They were 2 and 1 when I was born. They were the king and queen in castles on the couch-and I was the maid. They were in high school, and I was in Jr. High-They drove me to school, and dropped me off at the Broulim's stoplight and made me run for my life WITH my backpack before the light turned green. Together we proudly sported wranglers on our first day in an Idaho elementary school. We rebelled and watched VH1,missed curfew, got grounded, and fought with our parents, thinking we had it so hard. I tried really hard to do my part as Josh's hockey goalie, his fellow ninja turtle, and his fellow wood wittler with his pocket knife. I was the last up the ladder to the treehouse when we were chased by our dog, and the guinea pig sent to see if the coast was clear when we were doing something we really shouldn't. we were weird little country kids, but we were pretty happy.

Usually I'm glad they do everything first-Josh has two kids and is leaving for Afghanistan and Jaimee is having a baby in just a few months. I couldn't be a more proud little sister. I might wish I could lead the way sometimes, and have the first baby, or be the first to graduate from college..but lets be honest-I'd be their maid again any day. They are the very best. Sometimes life gets a little bit routine, and then sometimes I wake up and realize just how very lucky I am. Thanks to El Paso for reminding me. I'll post more pictures when I get them.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Love Love..Blah Blah Blah

In college I used to like my anatomy textbook more then dating. I used to feel sick to my stomach very often from "romance overload". I used to stay up late with my friends, because they were way more fun at night. I used to come to the decision quite often..that love was lame. That love was "for the birds" as some would say..
But then something very eventful happened..I was invited to join this team:

And now my slippers are kissing birds..

And our rug looks like this...

And we eat off heart plates and sit in matching chairs..

And I homemade hearts so our apartment can feel loved even though we are a little bit poor at the time..(Thanks Shayna :)

And we hurry home as fast as we can so we can sit by ourselves on our couch as close as we can and eat pink frosted brownies with valentines sprinkles (that aren't as cute as they sound because I am a horrible brownie froster.)

And today home all by myself I took a little look around. And I came to the conclusion that love is not lame. And it is definitely not for the birds. Being semi poor and crappy frosted brownies are actually much more lame..
cheesy?? ya but I'm okay with that. for this month only.

Happy Valentines Day to all little love birds!!