Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Surprise..

This Christmas I got a Christmas present from an actual husband of my very own which is still WEIRD to think about. However, I underestimated the boy. Shawn has been doing research all semester and he definitely does not do it for the money, I am a witness of that. He studies long hours and works soo hard, and I would rather him not have a job because I already don't see him enough!! however that definitely leaves us with limited funds.

I wasn't expecting much of a Christmas present, if anything-because I knew he has been so busy with finals. I didn't know until recently that my poor boy was donating plasma (and even passed out), worked for his dad in Arizona, and found little ways to pull together quite a stash for...a Cannon Rebel xti camera. Impressive is it not?? It was a present even worthy of tears..He worked really hard for the money, and that means more to me then a camera ever will. We haven't gone to get it yet..but we are many steps closer then we ever were before.

I am trying to rediscover my creative brain..currently my brain only works in reading and science...any advice on how to use the thing is welcome.

I am so sad that today is the last day of 2009, I have come to grow very fond of this year. It was the year we were married, the year I freaked out and we almost didn't get married, the year I realized I'm so happy I didn't freak out one step further and ruin it all, the year we decorated our own apartment and stayed up all night hanging pictures on the walls, the year we went to sleep starving some nights because I can't cook, the year I received amazing in-laws, the year I had to work full time ALL year, the year we bought hand me down couches that we love, the year I finally enjoyed living close to the city and started feeling completely at home somewhere besides Idaho.

2009 had those days where I woke up on the wrong side of the bed..the days where I thought life was over and couldn't get any worse, the days we were really poor, the days full of final exams and final senior papers...Regardless of the circumstances, I'm grateful for the memories of this year. Here's to the end of 2009. It's over whether we are welcoming it out the door, or wishing it would stay. 2009 is a year of the past, Happy NEW YEAR!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

'Tis the Season...

Time flies! We have been so busy lately, with lots of different things. I don't mind being busy, and being exhausted at the end of the day feels pretty good sometimes, however today is one of those rare days that has time to include my very favorite thing-a nice break. It doesn't happen often. Shawn has finals so he has been studying since 630, I on the other hand slept in, went to the gym, took a bath, and even wrote in my journal. I love the holidays, and the music and the lights we can see from our window. Today when I was in our empty apartment I couldn't help but think about how much I have loved this holiday season, and how blessed I have been in 2009. Here is a picture of Shawn just relaxing, I haven't seen him do this since the semester started..the picture also includes my red couches which are my favorite thing that I own, thanks to my Aunt Lori. And a lot more pictures that include a few of our recent exciting events

We went home this year for Thanksgiving, I love having Idaho as my home to visit. My mom worked so hard to have us home and I REALLY appreciate it, it was obvious how much time she had spent-our house was decorated so cute as usual, and she even put up some lights outside all by herself, which I was impressed with-I could never do that. Here are a few thanksgiving pics, my favorite is the sign Abby made to welcome us home and to her room which was where we stayed while we were home. Abby is the greatest little sister a girl could ever ask for. She is everyone in the family's biggest fan, it feels good to know she is always up waiting when we go home.

We went to my grandparent’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. Tyler has always been so good with our little cousins, and Shawn has joined right in on the fun. They both are also so good to Abby, and now even to her new dog Bentley. I am not a dog person, but even I became a fan. Abby loves Tyler and Shawn, It’s nice to have boys around in the house again.

A few weeks ago we went to Callie’s wedding. She looked so beautiful, her reception was perfect! The majority of memories most associated with Callie and I in our younger days are probably not very precious ones. Fortunately for us, life’s all about doing better next time. I sure love that girl and she is one of my favorite people alive. We also love Tyler and are happy they will only live a short drive away from us. It was my first opportunity to witness a sealing and be in the temple for a wedding, I was so excited and was not disappointed.

Also, Shawn's family took us on a cruise last weekend. It was not only the same cruise line, but the same ship we went on on our honeymoon. I'm not much of a romantic person..and even for me I had a few flashbacks, it felt exactly like our honeymoon again. It was SO fun not to mention soo nice of them to take us. I have never met a boy who loves his family as much as Shawn does. The weather was a little chilly sometimes, but the fun we had had nothing to do with our destinations on the cruise-it had everything to do with the fact that the entire family was together. I can't believe I have only been a part of Shawn's family for 4 months because it seems like so much longer, they are SO fun and easy to be around-and I really don't know how I survived 22 years without them. I am very lucky to be a part of another great Allen family. We had so much fun I will post more pictures later..
This time we had windows in our was so cool to see the ocean at night. I wish the little bum was mine, but it's Shawn's little sister Megan's.

P.S. WE have our OWN christmas tree!! Shawn waited to get this tree on sale at 3 am at Walmart, all by himself with my brother in law Tyler. I was so proud of him for staying awake, and getting the right tree at the right price, and the right size ha. Us girls were already gone shopping by the time they left-they stayed up all night playing nintendo so I was worried they would miss it, but they came home with everything on the list-including this little piece of joy!

we had to be pretty cheap, I used leftovers from our wedding..haha it's nothing like my mom's but we love sitting in our living room with the lights on. Happy Holiday's everyone..