Friday, December 31, 2010

Just the Two of Us..

Lately I have had reasons to reflect on how grateful I am that Shawn and I have an endless surplus amount of time that we can hang out, JUST the two of us. This season we have spent hours cuddling by our Christmas tree, talking by the classy taped up multi-colored lights twinkling in our room, and falling asleep watching sports center on the couch. I have been thankful EVERY day for this Christmas break from school for Shawn's sake (okay, that's not true, mostly my sake). This morning he is at work, so I am sneaking away to my blog when I originally had started cleaning out our closet.

I was very lonely towards the end of the semester! I used to love being alone, but now I just don't last long..Shawn is taking an MCAT class on top of all of his other classes AND work so sometimes it feels like he is gone ALL the time. At the end of the day, I have to admire him when I am watching the E channel and he is still trying to keep his eyes open on the laptop studying. He knows how to get just what he wants in life, which is reason number 1 million that I am obsessed with him. When January hits I feel like doing a major blog update on the holidays and the past few months..until then I will be enjoying every last second, until school and work steal my boy again. For now, it's just the two of us. Can I just push pause on life for a few more weeks..PLEASE!

We are grateful for all the we have had in 2010. We have been blessed in many ways. We are especially grateful for friends and family, we may be bias but we are sure that ours are the greatest. Happy New Year! Until Next year...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Elder Allen

Today we dropped Aaron off at the MTC. He flew in last night from Arizona and we were so grateful to have just one extra night with him. We have enjoyed so much having him live in Utah the same time as us, come over for dinner, and make the long drives back and forth to AZ with us..he really is the best brother in law!
Aaron is Shawn's one and only brother and it was hard for Shawn to leave him. He really held it together, being the tough older brother that he is-but..I won't get into details of what happened in the car after we pulled away for Shawn's sake :) I've always know that Shawn is very attached to his little brother who plays golf with him, who never fails to bring a smile, who will play Super Nintendo for hours with him, and who so diligently responds to the nickname Bean. Shawn is not the only attached to this boy. I have loved having in my family, I refuse to believe that it has only been for a year and a half. It feels like so much longer..

Aaron will be the best missionary can't wait to hear about all of his wonderful experiences!! We are very proud that he is one of our own..Go Elder Allen!

He looked very handsome and all grown up..I thought it was cool that this is one of the same suits Shawn wore on his mission.

Can't wait to see this boy again in just two short years..and am very grateful for his sacrifice to serve! Not to mention we couldn't be more proud :)