Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Latest. Greatest. Longest..

Just a few quick pictures from our cruise..wish I had all the time in the world to post more. And these most definitely are not doing it justice. Alaska is phenomenal..if thats even how you spell that word.

So, I could never catch up on everything that has been going on..but Alaska was completely beautiful! Things like that are not good for me because all I can think about is how gorgeous so many different places in the world are..and how I have to find a way to see every one of them even if it makes me broke (Ironic after my "Dream World" post isn't it?).

Just an attempt to share the greatness of our cruise much too quickly, we went to three places in Alaska and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. There were so many old people on the cruise, so at night we had the ship basically all to ourselves. We would stay up till two am on the Norwegian Star playing games with Shawn's parents, going to shows, listening to music,and my personal favorite--dancing at the country western hootenanny (Shawn actually dances..it's a secret-but he was so very cute)
Part of the cheap bargain deal of a cruise was that we all 4 share one glorious cabin (conveniently pictured above) There were four twin beds. shawn and I couldn't handle sleeping across the room from each other for all seven nights(naturally)..so we slept on a less then twin size pull out cot in between two twin beds that his parents slept on. One of the twin beds went unused and our room keeper seemed like he thought it was a little sketchy that we would let one bed stay empty..It was hilarious. Our cabin was teeny tiny we were laughing so hard putting our stuff away because we kept rubbing bums with each other every time we turned around...luckily for us Shawn's parents are so awesome and so easy to be around that it only made it more fun.

Our cruise left out of Seattle which was gorgeous in itself.. I wish we could have seen more. We stopped to see a family from Shawn's mission and I loved seeing how happy it made him to be back in that area. On the way home we stopped in Oregon in a random national forest to see all some greenery..Then we stopped for peppermint milkshakes at some Peppermint hole in the wall we couldn't resist--Its not like we had 15 hours in the car left or anything..taking our sweet time and getting side tracked is a real problem we have. We usually get made fun of for it..but thats fine :)

Over all-The shows, the food, and the scenery on the cruise were all far above my expectations..but the company was the best part. Thanks to Shawn's parents for inviting us and finding such a good deal!! We will love those memories forever!

Since we have been in Arizona I have been surprised how this weather has grown on me..I love the smell of the orange trees when we go running at night..I love the feel of the sun baking us, daily pool hair, and just being scorching hot all the time..this place has done it's job in keeping me satisfied. I am very grateful for the chances we have had to spend so much time here, with Shawn's family and especially our cute niece and nephew.
On a side note..Last week I flipped the heat on to warm up my toes..its pretty much a regular routine. Shawn looked at me and addressed me of course by saying, "Girrll, are you kidding me?" (ha I bet if you know him you can hear him say that, it's like his most used line) We can NOT Put the heat on in this car if it is above 90 degrees outside, my contacts are drying out...While I was laughing I figured that he makes sense and I would let him have this one. I guess he's pretty logical so he won that one. But usually I win, just for the record.

Last but not least of the latest (this is not included in the greatest) I wish I had pictures to post but our one and only favorite brother left for Iraq this week. He looks so handsome and official in his army clothes with Allen across the front. What Allen pride I have, especially now. I love that name and I am glad Josh is doing it proud. He hurt his foot and I begged him to play it up so he could get left behind. He let me know that is not what soldiers do. I am extremely proud of him, but worry about him everyday. I will post a picture on here soon when I can figure out how to get one..but for now, with the fourth of July coming up, maybe it's time we all pray a little extra hard for every soldier-not just Sargent Allen but the millions of others out there leaving families as well..

Happy summertime! I miss all of my friends I hope I run into some of you soon..in Arizona maybe??? Yes, that means I am hinting-COME VISIT!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The bad with the GOOD

Current Chaos: (Honestly-you can't hear about Shawn and Ashley aka the one, the only, A-team-without a lil bit of chaos) See look:

Finally got everything moved out and stored in my dad's basement..

Left on a last minute 7 day Alaskan cruise that we lucked into with Shawn's parents (I'll post all about it later)

Forgot to keep out the birth certificates when we packed..(my fault)

Drove straight from Seattle to Arizona (25 hours) after the cruise.

Job interview in Phoenix. HAd to drive myself and almost had a heart attack.

Three days later driving CLEAR back up to UT with Shawn's little brother to work three 12 hour shifts before starting work in AZ.

Small dramatic mishap on the way up..Waiting to hear just how bad the car damage is.

Been away from Shawn for 5 days..longest we have ever gone (i've been a little cranky..)

So I haven't been sleeping well worrying about insurance, replaying the accident, air mattress at my sisters, being away from home (my Arizona home that is)..but today I realized although chaos basically defines Shawn and I way too well, and it is far too consistently company in our home..I don't mind. Without chaos our lives may get boring..plenty of adventures would be missing-so what. We will take the bad with the good I suppose, what else can you do?

That's all I have today..until life calms down just a little and I can post some pictures of our wonderful trip. For now I am loving the few bonus days I get with Jaimee and sophie! Sophie gets cuter by the day and has grown soo much already..
Thanks to our wonderful amazing family and friends..we have the best family they helped us move, helped us settle in, shipped over night birth certificates to Seattle, the list is neverending..hope everyone is having an amazing summer!