Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Waiting Game..

Now that we are within weeks of little Allen's due date time seems to be just standing still! Everything is ready to go. All the sudden we have this surplus of free time that is really weird for us. My family went to Idaho for the 4th, and we were very sad that my doctor told us we should stick around here. However, we saw friends that we usually don't have time to see, and we had a barbecue at my dads. It was a very fun weekend..

We watched the Sugarhouse fireworks and neighborhood post-fireworks from the roof of our garage..don't worry there was a ladder, and I was very careful, it was worth it until a tree blocked our view and we had to climb ALL the way back down..

we had multiple days just the two of us, knowing they could be the last for a while. I was reminded over and over again why I love being with Shawn so very much-he makes everything in my life just a little more fun..and soo now that the celebrations are over, it's back to real life, and back to the waiting game...anytime now little man--

A little country music, a little barbecue, a little fireworks, a little time for bare feet and laying on the grass, a little 7 peaks..Life is good. How can it not be in the summertime..nine months pregnant or not!