Monday, February 28, 2011

Brutally honest about Boys.

Lets be honest, anyone who knows me knows the truth...I have always wanted a little girly girl that smells good and minds her manners to dress up and slap a tutu on. We have had her name picked out for years, and her image is engraved in my brain. So..when we found out on Friday that we were having a BOY I was very surprised..and excited..But you have to realize, I had to change gears a little bit. My family is by far outnumbered in the girl to boy ratio so when we get together it's all about girls. Without realizing it, this baby in my head was coming into a pink room with ruffles and bows no matter what the gender. So, I have been thinking lately about my little boy..and the whole weird breed of boys in general.

Boys let loose..when we found out we were having a boy I produced a smile, and maybe a silent tear or two. Shawn jumped up out of his chair yelling "YEAHH that's what I'm talking about!" "I knew it!" I quietly had to urge him back into his chair and remind him that we were in public and other women were in the waiting room. When we got in the car I struck up a conversation about how we need to sometimes be more considerate of others in public. Shawn came back with Who cares, I'm having my BOY..I have to admit, it was a priceless reaction that I won't forget anytime soon.

Boys are innovative..the other day I came home to find my sewing kit and needles out. Shawn came home in his work pants with a long story about how he had sewed a hole that was of course in the crotch area. I examined his work while he was beaming with pride. I found that instead of just sewing the hole shut, he took a button and sewed both sides of the pant to the button. SO when you turn the pants inside out a huge button is just sitting there coming from nowhere. Really?! A few days later he used my decorative smell good candle to scratch up and melt to use for waxing his snowboard to save a few bucks up at the Canyon's. I love the creativity.

Boys are easy going..when something bad happens I have such a hard time flipping a 180 and going on with my day. Shawn on the other hand can't figure out why. Almost every day I watch my boy getting ready and hear whistling from another room, or him laughing at something while he gets ready, he doesn't care if his socks match or if his shoes are worn out. His comeback for everything is come on girl, Life is Good..

They make wonderful friends. They chomp their cereal. They have endless energy. They are so different, yet so entertaining. They love girls.

It is the things that they do just because they are who they are..It is the cereal bowl put in the sink as an attempt to make a wife happy, but of course with no water in it to soak. It is the endless energy and the loudest laughter. It is the games that are created with just a simple ball in an attempt to self entertain. It is the worn out face at the end of the day from someone who can't ever seem to sit still until after 11 pm. It is the echo of sports center that never ever ever gets old to a sports fan no matter how many times the same stories are on. It's swimsuit confidence no matter what, all year round. It's drama free, it's being friends with everyone no matter who they are, where they came from, what they wear, or if they are nice to you or not. It's grass stains on nice clothes, and little tan lines from baseball gloves on my patients at the hospital. It's a good soft heart, that just takes a while to find.

Boys definitely have their strong points. This weekend we went to Park City and while we were there we walked around the outlets looking at a few outfits for our little boy. It is in Park City that I kicked the bows and dresses officially out of my brain, and turned whole heartedly to the basketball shorts and ball caps..with a little help from Shawn. Shawn made me promise the weekend we found out I was pregnant that if it was a boy he would pick out the outfit for his first real day of life outside the hospital. And so on Friday our search began and nothing was quite up to par..Shawn has pride in his soon to be son, and it has rubbed off on me.

I'm already obsessed with everything about the one boy that I have. We will be the parents of our baby boy come a few short months..after all my careful consideration about the opposite is with wide open arms that I say WELCOME to our fam, and welcome to team Allen tough little boy..let's kick our feet up..I'm hoping and praying like father like son.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Valentines Day was supposed to be a big great perfect day for us! Shawn was busy all day so a few weeks ago we took a little weekend overnighter to make up for it. Our sleep over was soo fun, but for some reason I still felt like Valentine's day needed a little celebration. After all, it is my third favorite holiday, after Christmas and the fourth of July. I reminded Shawn that many times. We have been waiting for about 6 weeks hoping to find out that day if our baby was a boy or a girl! I went to my step sister's bright and early to get my hair done..which I always look forward to. I thought my day was going to be perfect. While I was there my doctor called and said he was sick and we had to postpone until Friday! Like any hormonal girl would, I decided to let it ruin my entire morning and part of the afternoon. I went home and got into bed and turned off the light and insisted that Valentines day was ruined. After 45 minutes, and a lot of Shawn's patience before work I realized I was being ridiculous. Surprising?

So I got up and tried to turn around a day gone bad. Shawn didn't get home CLEAR until 9 pm so I went to the gym and came home to make heart shaped blueberry pancakes that turned out looking like little fetus's and actually grossed us out. When Shawn came home my world was fixed. He took me to Red Mango and we sat by the fire eating our yogurt and talked about past Valentine's days we have had..At the end of the day I realized all that mattered about the day. I am obsessed with my Valentine. The one I never see because he works and studies so hard, the one who can change my mood 180 in literally two minutes, the one who just has to sit next to me or walk through the door to make me so excited about life. I didn't know I was capable of being so obsessive...Thanks for choosing me and sticking with me Valentine..I'm proud to be the other half, soon to be third of Team Allen.

P.s..we are hoping today is the day, boy or girl!?