Thursday, November 19, 2009

Like Husband..Like Wife

We have many miserable tasks (ones we must secretly love) that lately have brought us some sort of twisted type of joy..
1. Chemistry-

Unfortunately, Shawn is spending many hours studying chemistry and biology. He has been doing really well and I am impressed by him, and also admire him. I on the other hand I am taking a chemistry class online-to be prepared in case I ever may want to go to grad school. I sign up for things like this sometimes and get ahead of myself on those rare days when I feel ultra motivated. And then I realize what was I thinking ($430 later).It is nice that we both are studying the same brings us together as nerdy as we are.
2. Primary Children's..

Shawn has been doing a research internship in a lab at the University of Utah and PCMC. He assists in doing research on children who have what he calls "NF1". The only reason I like it is because one of the clinics he works in is in Primary Children's and so recently I have had a built in lunch buddy on all my lunch breaks. I have spent a lot of time at the hospital over the past year and a half (I can't believe I have kept one job that long)..and am realizing how much I love going to work-on most days at least..and how much I love the bright resilient faces of sick children that greet me there. Most of all I love the things I learn every day, and probably will keep learning as long as I work there. It will be really hard when I ever have to leave that place that gave me my first nursing home.

3.Early mornings:
Shawn and I leave the house everyday USUALLY before 7 am Monday-Thursday. I go to work three of the days, Shawn goes to school all of those days. We usually get home around eight, go to the gym and are exhausted by the time we hit the pillow. Our weekends however are the opposite-we try to make sure we are as lazy as can be..especially on Sundays. We are ALWAYS together-actually almost 24/7. We leave at 630 together, we meet up for lunch, we drive home together...

We have a lot in common..Like Husband-Like Wife.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Confessions of an honest housewife..

Well, I had big dreams. I had dreams of being a housewife that always had beautiful hair when her husband returned home for the day, and dinner fresh on the stove in a sparkling clean kitchen-oh ya with cookies baking and all the toilets scrubbed. I had dreams of bringing my nursing skills home from work and nursing my husband back to full health after a week of midterms, an internship and chemistry lab. I had plans for always having matching socks, fresh folded laundry and a painted entertainment center. I pictured well my husband getting off the trax to see his cute wife, who of course gets skinnier and more young and beautiful by the day, right on time to greet him with a bright white smile and a huge happy hug.

CONFESSION: NONE of this has happened for more then two consecutive days in a row. My hair has donned the beloved ponytail at least 85% of our married life, however I am nice enough to spice it up with a plethora of different headbands-and if we are lucky possibly a braid. My enthusiasm for cooking is starting to diminish as I have realized the dreaded truth that by the time I buy every ingredient for a recipe, mess up the kitchen, slice my hand on a soup can while talking on the phone, and proceed to clean up the kitchen-I may as well have spent ten dollars on takeout. I would spend ten dollars to save that hassle..even if I am on a budget. OH wait..and since Shawn is nice enough to take the trax while we are living the glorious newlywed life of one car-he has yet to get off the Trax and find his faithful wife there waiting. Instead..he sees a black corolla squealing into the parking lot, trying-just trying to live her dream. And that my friends is how I ended up with my $150 dollar ticket this week.

We have a wonderful life despite my struggles..Usually when we throw our feet up at the end of the day..Shawn is wearing one NIke sock and one pink little girl sock (my fault)..Last week I did forget to empty the lint in the process of working on my fresh laundry-and we had a very terrifying disaster that I won't include..

But we laugh our heads off together-just the two of us in our lovely apartment that smells like fall, and we laugh that we are slightly pathetic..and we write goals every Sunday of how our next week will be better..and eventually we will. Just wait and see..but eventually is not right now. For now, if you need us-we will be just enjoying eachother's company and forgetting about the fire starting in our drier, the burnt chicken on the oven, and the fact that we were late for school and work not one, but two days in a row. I dare you to compete with that..:) Happy Homemaking everyone--