Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 becomes 4..

I have had a hard time wanting to put Cooper in anything more then a swimsuit or basketball shorts lately because his legs are just so chubby I hate covering them up! We have been having so much fun outside, and Cooper has little baby tan lines, and a few scratches on his knees to prove it. There is nothing in the world more bittersweet to me then watching your own baby grow up! Sometimes I want the whole world to notice Cooper and the cool tricks he can do-watch him try to walk around and explore every cupboard, try to make up his own little words and try to be the center of attention. More commonly, I just want to run away with him, take away all of his tricks, and strip him down to his little white onesie and rock our little rocking chair pretending that we are back at square one and he is my little babe forever!

I have to say it makes it easier for me knowing that I have another baby on the way! As nervous as I am, I am not ready to be done with a little baby just yet. When I get anxiety about how we will ever manage it all, I remember my own siblings who were just 2 and 1 when I came home, and the childhood that they created for me by being there every second to play with. I remember waking up early to play all kinds of random things with my brother Josh-including street hockey, softballs to the face, ninja turtles and water games in the canal. There really is nothing like the friendship that siblings can develop, I can't wait for Cooper to have that. I have to say I would never be the same person I am today without the influence of siblings that I am very proud to call mine.

It is our pleasure to say that the three of us are becoming the four of us. We are nervous but we are excited. I am saving the boots that Cooper's legs have been much too fat for, in hopes that her legs might be just a teensy bit more lady like.

That being said, it's all official-welcome to Team Allen, sweet girl. There's always more room in this place for someone new to love. Cooper is waiting to show you his world. And we are waiting to meet you, and kiss you, and bring you home to be the privileged parents who get to watch you grow.

For now, we are counting our two biggest blessings..