Monday, March 28, 2011

23 whole weeks..

Time is just flying right on by! I feel like I can't keep up with it. I swear just yesterday we found out we were having a we are over half way-only 16.5 weeks left! I'm starting to be a little bit sad thinking that the one on one time I have all day everyday with this little mystery baby is ever going to come to an end. I spend almost all my time thinking about him, imagining him and wondering what he is doing when I feel a little flutter inside.
I have to admit I'm getting a little nervous..what's new? I get nervous for everything big in my life..Life is scary, and it's a huge thought that a little baby will be here under our supervision.

As time flies by we wish we could push pause-on the anticipation of such a great blessing, on the teeny tiny flutters that I finally started noticing last week..maybe on the times Shawn tells me I look pretty right before I'm about to break down because my jeans won't do up.. The whole excitement of having a baby, and the whole experience that has came along with it so far means the world to me-now I just need to work on a little bit of bravery.
we love life at the moment, it has been very good to us. We are taking the whole adventure one day at a time..
Can't wait to teach our little boy, the joy of life's adventures. In his room, above his crib will be this:

"Whenever Possible, Choose Adventure."

Please hurry up little baby, and slow down all at the same time!
There is a big huge world here waiting for your little footprints..