Monday, November 29, 2010

We are Grateful.

It's true. We really are! We have many blessings to remember this year. This year was our year to spend thanksgiving in Arizona with the Allen's. We went down to Arizona a week early to see Aarons mission farewell. He did amazing just like we knew he would. We are grateful for his decision to go on a mission even though we will miss him! I have never sent a brother off on a I'm excited me and Shawn get to drop him off at the MTC even though we just have to leave him at the curb :( we are excited for him! Since we went down for Aaron's farewell we had an early Thanksgiving with his family. I left my memory card home so I didn't get one picture..but it was wonderful.

I had to work this year on Thanksgiving. It changed my perspective of the holiday and I realized I am very grateful for our health this year. Thanksgiving was not as glamorous as it was in my head. We decided we would go out to a nice restaurant for dinner, but everywhere was closed when I got off work. We rescheduled our celebration dinner for Friday night. And that's okay. The rest of Thanksgiving weekend we enjoyed our Christmas decorations and the new snow. We collectively decided to wrap up the weekend with about 8 hours of cuddling and doing nothing by the tree. We even watched Miracle on 34th street..

I have to admit I was sad that we weren't around family this year, and I might have pouted for thirty seconds when our Thanksgiving dinner consisted of left over enchiladas when I had imagined it so much better in my head. But I learned this year that celebrations of being grateful come in all different forms. This year for me it was being at home alone with my very best friend..we decided we are very grateful for our jobs, our amazing families, our friends, our cozy place to live, our religion, and of course for each other..I could go on forever but I won't.

Tonight maybe we will sit down by the tree again, and drink some sparkling cider that I forgot about on Thanksgiving after a long day at work..and we can celebrate one last time all that we are grateful for and toast to the start of a brand new season!! Happy thanksgiving and I guess on that note while we are at it..Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Very Happy Monday

hmm today I woke up to a nice big hug and a few kisses from my favorite boy. Today I went for a run at Sugarhouse park after a morning rain and listened to Enya for 3.5 miles-which is far for me these days-and while I ran, I thought about how life is good. I usually hate Mondays. I love the weekend and I count down the days. but NOT today! Today I just love this day. I love it for so many reasons I can't even explain it. I woke up on the right side of the is just coming together

Our fun started last weekend- my Aunt/sister Lori who everyone has heard all about got married and couldn't have looked prettier. During that weekend I got to spend some quality time with my sisters, ALL of my sisters and it felt so good to be together. They are my all time favorite girls.

My most beautiful friend Whitney Price-SMITH got married on Friday and it was a blast of a day. She really couldn't be cuter, and Mike is the greatest for her. See how pretty she is? It was so fun to see old friends again..

Speaking of old friends, we had some stop by to visit yesterday morning, it really did make my day. Oh how I love this girl, and don't see her nearly enough.

So now today I am worn out because I am not as young and capable of party weekends as I used to be. Becuase of that, today I am thinking I might just relax the day away. I am still in my running clothes, I am reading my book, writing in my journal and of course taking time for the blog.

This is the boy I wait 8 hours for on my days off. This is the boy who busted out his dance moves this weekend at Whitney's reception, and made me laugh until my cheeks hurt. He even slowed down and gave me a little undivided attention on every slow song. This is the boy I can beg to dance with me forever and ever..just like we did way back when. He won me over this weekend, once again.. he would be disgusted to know I singled him out this way :)

Today I get to see this sister of mine, who never fails to make me happy. I get to obssess over my little niecy who has had a hard life lately growing her first new tooth. Just when I thought she couldn't be cuter, she pops out a little baby tooth.

Can I add that we had a sleepover with these two cousins? They were wonderful houseguests. I love when Shawn and Stetson get together, they were on top of the world. Holly and I had to beg for a little attention every now and then. It's sad to admit that I rarely see Shawn as happy as I do when he is with Stetson and Tyson watching sports center and laughing his head off at who knows what. Someday I hope to be as fun for him as those two are!

I am going to sit here as long as I want and listen to Christmas music on Pandora while I fold some laundry, and watch the rain fall, and paint my toenails. Basically just because I can.I might just sit here most of the day, until the highlight of my day comes tonight at 6:30 pm when Shawn walks back through the door into our cozy little house and is all mine for maybe one lucky hour until he opens his books. This is one of those blessed times I am just plain grateful for life itself. So I am just going to sit here and relish every minute of it.

p.s. you might laugh if you knew yesterday morning I accidentally woke up crying on the couch before we had our visitors becuase life was too hard, and I worked too much, and I had to wake up too early, and Shawn studies too much, blah blah pretend you don't know that I'm human and I have some crazy mood changes. That's not what today is about, I'll fix that later.