Monday, May 17, 2010

My Big Time Dream World

Soo..if you were to ask me where I wanted Shawn to whisk me away to and live forever and ever I would say some far away place such as Boston, or maybe possibly Rhode Island or New Hampshire. I wouldn't even hesitate. That's where we would raise our adorably forgetful, smart yet airheaded children- and live forever in a teeny tiny town on the east coast-in a homey cottage-with a lighthouses close by(got that idea from Anne of green gables book 4 by the way)
hmm yes that sounds perfect and cozy and nice. I'll take it.

If you were to ask me where I would go if I could pick a vacation anywhere in the world I would say Africa, without thinking twice. Maybe to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro by night and save African children from AIDS by day. When Shawn used to talk about the day he would apply for grad schools I would say as far as possible, somewhere we have never been, just ME and YOU.African Children

I still think going away is a good idea for different reasons..and I still have this raging sense of adventure that I have to calm-for Shawn's sanity and my own. But I have to admit..we have changed BIG time-without realizing it. Last weekend-Shawn's nana passed away and had a funeral, my sister celebrated her first mother's day, my mom celebrated her 25th mothers day, my dearest Aunt Lori got engaged to a very cute boy, we met our new nephew Nixen Bradley, and spent lots of time with Kylee and my 2nd and brand new mom.

We couldn't stand to miss ANY of it..proven by 32 hours in the car in less then 5 days. We drove clear to Idaho just to see Sophie and my mom for mother's day weekend. Then CLEAR to Arizona to go to Nana's funeral and see Shawn's family for mother's day. I enjoyed the funeral and really felt like I walked away a better person-although I didn't know nana for very long, I was completely inspired by her life and the things I learned. It was worth every hour of our drive.
WE realized we love our families more then anything..WE must. It took 32 hours of driving, a cell phone dropped in a wendy's water cup,4 brand new tires ($450), and a two hour drive in the WRONG direction to accomplish it all but somehow we made it.

And my point is-unfortunately everything my mom taught me is true after all. More then Anne of Green Gables fairytale lifestyles, more then growing up on the east coast with lighthouses and beach bum children, and more then dare devil trips to Africa-we love brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, and of course our MOMS. I have no idea where we will end up..and hopefully someday we do make it to Africa-but hopefully after a million more years of school and work..we can settle nice safe and cozy around some of these people we love so much..and not too far from all of them. Everything else comes and goes..but these are the people who remain constant. We have great wonderful family. They are making real life better then my dream world after all. Crazy how that happened. Thanks Family. We owe ya one

Monday, May 3, 2010

Moving On and Moving OUT..

The time has come that we are saying farewell to lovely oh so wonderful apt number J309. I have had my tears about it already. Life is taking us to MESA, ARIZONA in just a few weeks..and I couldn't be more happy that Shawn's family will be close by! We are hoping to lay by the pool, swim, go to the lake,go camping, play with the fam and adore the little babies. Oh oops I forgot we are actually going there for work..who cares about that.
Last summer Shawn went by himself..that will never happen again. It was pretty tragic.

I have loved everything about South Jordan, our neighbors, our ward, our apartment, our balcony, our view, our train that passes 8 times a day and shakes the apt and honks it's horn. I love that we came home to this place right after our honeymoon and stayed up all night making it feel like home. I love that we haven't had AC the whole ten months and have had to fall asleep at times on the balcony for some cool air. I love that we have neighbors that will just walk in any time of day..
Sweating to death with no AC..notice the glistening faces

But I love being hot, I love being so hot I feel like I'm going to die. And I have no tolerance for being cold. So people tell me I will become a big Mesa fan, and Shawn thinks I'll be hooked for life. Being by Shawn's family will only make it that much's bitter sweet. I will miss my job..but it will still be there when I come back. Life just keeps flying past..WE do have a new nephew waiting for us in AZ. Nixon Bradley Mcneil is oh so cute and was born just a few days ago to Shawn's sister. We will be all over the babysitting..

Time goes too fast..I swear we just moved in. Before we know it we are going to be old and boring like this couple we saw at dinner the other night. The wife was reading a book and the husband reading sports illustrated during their date. Please help us to never get to that point..Someone else joined us at dinner that night..Little miss Soph. It is going to break my heart to not see this little face all summer long. When I get home she will be grown up and might actually fit into some newborn clothes.

In between studying for finals Shawn has allowed me a few hours of his time..and then we he studies I have to promise not to say a word. It's pretty dang hard to know he is right next door and I can't say anything. I figure when I get his time I better make it worth we have been to the driving range (I am pathetic), to dinner, and spent time with some friends.
This picture was taken for proof that every month or so my hair does come out of the ponytail...but not often.

We don't see our friends nearly enough because we are all just so busy..Whit and Mike came over for dinner last night and we were so glad to see them. They are always fun to have around :) Oh and we think they are the cutest dating couple ever..

Thanks everyone for making our last few weeks in Utah fun already..Arizona here we come!