Friday, May 27, 2011

Sunshine for the SOUL

Welcome to our dear little teeny tiny home..No one ever really sees the inside of our house, except well, the two of us! Yet, somehow it thrills me to make it look lovely. Yesterday I set out on a walk down the street on a whim, with just myself for good company. Shawn was at work. I had 4 hours to waste the day away. I took advantage of it since I wont' have these days after our little mr is born. I found three second hand home consignment stores..just the place for a cheapskate newlywed mom to be. I decided to take pictures in my mind and attempt to recreate a few ideas to shed some summer upon our home..come take a peek :)

How can these love birds possibly be resisted? Especially when they are in just the colors of our front room, that's right they can't be. And since we are adding a new member, I didn't want baby Allen to feel left out. The Owl print is dedicated just to him.

And the whole wall..brightened up just a tad. Looks like a few frames need some straightening :)My own lovebird and I have been stars of this wall for far too long, for lack of any other decorations.

I am so happy to have summertime come visit Sugarhouse for a few days..please Mr. Sun be here to stay. Tell me your great ideas and summer decorations!! I eat it up. Someday I will look back and laugh about how much time I spent staring at the walls of about 900 glorious feet and wondering how I can beautify it just a little more..this place just makes me happy. I have to admit our whole world fits very nicely in here.