Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet September..

My beloved boots have already been over worn, the sweaters are right back nice and cozy where they belong and..Shawn's backpack is back in all it's glory right in the middle of our front room 24/7. Fall is creeping on in..I love September. We have spent some time exploring the hiking trails around our new place, we have had some company, and we enjoyed the state fair Utah style (not to be confused or mixed up with Idaho style..they are very different things)

We hiked antelope island with a few buffalo on labor day:

Shawn enjoyed it I think-

I babysat Sophie last week and found her knocked out while I tried to sneak a shower. I must be really fun..

We did dress her up and take some ridiculously cute pictures..which was easy because she is so cute anyway. I'm not bias

I hiked in Neff's canyon with Shawn's mom a few weeks ago when they so kindly came to visit us. And we had not the first, and not the last of many chicken grillings at the lovely park by our house.

We went to the Utah state fair with our dear friends, and locked ourselves out at 1 am later that night..

Throughout all the fun, September has to bring with it some nostalgic thinking..It reminds me of driving home in my Focus from high school down the long middle of nowhere road to Burton, and running inside as fast as I could to watch Oprah with my mom on her bed. And being offended if by chance she was ever unable to be home when I walked in the door from school.

But this year it just so happens that I am loving September for the 23rd time in my life. And while I'm at it I am watching Oprah for the first time in a very long time as I type this. And I miss my mom. When I came home from work today I felt like my house might possibly be almost close to smelling like my mom's house does in the fall. And it was the most inviting smell I have came home to in a long time.

Thank you September for coming back ever year. We will enjoy you every second until you leave..

Happy Fall...

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer Glance

We are back from Arizona, and settling in to Salt Lake City. We are having withdrawals. From Shawn's family, from our niece and nephew, from late night Rook, and built in perma-friends. We loved our summer and it flew by too fast! I have to admit I made myself very useful by the pool with my book. I have great in-laws. Thanks for more things then I could list on a blog page..We love you guys!

Before we came home we celebrated our very first, one and only, ANNIVERSARY!! We left for only 48 hours. We drove only 6 hours to the California coast, but somehow it became more fun then our 6 day Cabo cruise honeymoon. I have to admit our honeymoon was unique in the fact that certain life circumstances made me (not proudly) the world's biggest marriage chicken bride in the ENTIRE world. Our honeymoon included night sweats, hyperventilating, and don't worry, severe chest pain. Shawn is a brave soul to not try to jump out with a 24 hour cancellation deal or something.

This year we had none of that. This year around August 7th I had pathetic tears of being overly-happy, one too many times. I am so very lucky to be married. I love every single second I can soak in with just Shawn and I. Shawn knows if he ever wants me to do anything, all he has to say is.."ya and it'll be just me and you"..and I jump all over it. Even if it's watching ESPN, or going to the driving range. On our actual anniversary we ate fresh seafood, and relaxed at Newport beach. That night we watched the Disneyland fireworks, and walked up and down the lit up streets of Downtown Disney.

The next day we spent a lazy afternoon watching sailboats float by at Venice Beach, and took a walk along the Santa Monica pier. Shawn bought me a $1 beach bracelet that I have become severely attached to..For me it was the perfect cheapo weekend..just me and my boy.

Finally, to start off our new year second year of marriage we moved back to Utah, this time to a new place-Sugarhouse. It's a little far from our comfort zone of Draper/South Jordan but it's so close to school and work we couldnt' resist. Last weekend we had our friends over to play games with us in our house full of boxes-they are adorable and they reminded us what we already knew..we're gonna miss this life someday. The college life, the one car, the ridiculously easy life of just the two of us. It's very true, are we ever going to miss it! So, washer/dryer, microwave, dishwasher,dresser and second car-you can all wait, we don't need you! Trust me, we are excited for the day we have all those things! But for now, we are fine walking to the park and eating $2 taco bell meals while we get to hold hands..For now, we can think about how wonderful it is that at least for the current split second time being, life can be and currently is, just plain SIMPLE. That doesn't happen too often. Here's our new little beauty, in all it's little charming simplicity. Welcome back to the 30's. Just needs a little TLC-

Plus, I could never complain about being back in Utah knowing I am going to see this little face at my leisure..