Monday, March 15, 2010

Girls Only

We have had many family fun times that have either accidentally or on purpose ended up being girls only. Pink shower curtains in the bathroom, all girl lunches, shopping trips, dance dress shopping, girl movies, on and on and on. Because we are so used to a life where girls rule- we were even more excited this weekend to get together once again with all our favorite girls and celebrate the coming of our newest member to the girls only club.

In only a few short weeks baby girl Griffith will put on her tutu and join us for girl time. We couldn't be more excited...Lori and I threw the shower. With a little help (or a lot) from my mom it turned out so very adorable and we were extremely proud :) Lori is half aunt and half sister to us. She has thrown a million showers for our family-we are so grateful to have her as our trusty dependable aunt/friend/sister all in one.
My mom made the cute hot pink tutu in these pictures!! She is getting pretty good at making them if anyone ever needs one :)

Pink, sparkles, polka dots and bows all in one-what more could a baby girl ask for

We do have husbands, but they are very cooperative. So..until someone has a baby boy-when we go to Rexburg to visit-girls rule. boys drool.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Excitement of Late

This weekend we went to Arizona. I have mentioned before how much I love our getaways to Arizona. I love the long car rides where Shawn's textbooks don't exist and it's just me and him (and sometimes his little brother Aaron) and the open road. I love traveling, I love looking out the window at the skylines of big cities, and the open fields of the tiny towns we pass through on our drive. Shawn and I have planned our whole future out on those ten hour drives many times..and every time we go home we have a different idea for our lives then the time before. The reality is we have no clue where life will take us-but I love thinking we can have somewhat of a plan.
This is how wonderful we look at about hour seven..

This weekend our adopted niece Kylee was sealed to her parents.I was so thrilled to be able to be in the temple. I was so nervous for my wedding and never learned to love the temple until I had gone back a few times..It was a wonderful experience and we love Kylee and her parents so much!! We spent our weekend obsessing over her and wearing her out completely. Shawn loves Kylee and when she cries he likes to think it's only because she wants her Uncle Shawn. Every time I see Kylee I am amazed at how happy she is and what a good baby she is..look at all her happy faces. She is made for this family in every way..Right down to her big smile and big lips :)

Shawn's mom and I are training for the Lake Havasu half marathon..I haven't wanted to mention that because I have secretly had a back out plan until this weekend. This weekend we ran a monumental (for us) ten mile run! Not bad for a girl who attempted track and cross country multiple times, never to last a week. I am very grateful to have Shawn's mom available to run with me..I would never have kept my legs moving on my own

After we ran we sat in a freezing cold bath because we wanted to still be able to wear our high heels for Kylees blessing and not be completely sore. SO we put on our swimsuits and kept each other company to distract from the cold..Shawn's brother walked in and was not happy to see his mom and his brother's wife together in the same bath tub haha

I have two step-sisters a sister and a sister-in-law all having babies within the next two months. Shawn and I couldn't be more excited to reap the benefits of smiling babies all around us :) Our lives seem completely full and busy, and we can't wait to squeeze in four brand new little friends.