Monday, August 24, 2009

New Beginnings

We are home. We are married and back to reality! As soon as I get internet in my apartment I can't wait to download our wedding pictures which I love. Our photographer Julie Parker was so amazing. I have to throw that in. But I am absolutely not talking about the wedding anymore I am SO relieved to have it moving on.

Shawn had his first day of school today at the University of Utah. I am so proud! he is taking 19 very hard credits but he is really smart. I have been lucky enough to never have to be in our apartment without him because before he started school he was always home waiting for me after work. Today I was so sad when he walked out the door with his back pack on..I have to admit I even shed a few tears when I was all alone on my couch at 8am. I'm not used to it. But I'm excited for him and I Love our apartment so I survived..hopefully more to come soon

oh ya! one thing. I cooked my first meal last night..and we had our first company. The meat was quite dry but I was still extremely proud. Also, I have been vacuuming and cleaning and setting up the house and I was surprised that I actually love it. Although, when I vacuum I have mostly only been accumulating fruity pebbles from my cereal loving husband. That shows I obviously need to feed him more. I'm working on it and I'm trying..