Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Plane Tickets, Track Meets, Football games....

Last week we had a little bit of company. It's about time! Shawn's family came and stayed with us and we watched his little brother Aaron run track at BYU. Aaron is amazing we are excited to watch him run more this year!! we played games, ate good food, and had a usual good old fashioned really fun time with his family.

Besides company our life has been so wonderful with the three day weekend as well as the huge long break from Shawn's school. Shawn just had to go back last Monday and I had to adjust to not having an errand partner on all my days off . Unfortunately our time together has been spent mainly watching the Cardinal's football games, and the Sun's basketball games. Since when did I all the sudden have to become an Arizona sports fan?? Maybe it's since Idaho doesn't a team to support so I think I can feel good about it.
I am only a fan for short periods of time, and then I am secretly happy when the Cardinals lose in the playoffs so I can stop watching it every spare second..I try to be a very good sport, and I actually like it just a little when Shawn acts like he needs me to watch with him(which is kinda rare) and when he cares about my input and calls me his "teammate"

This weekend Jaimee my mom and I are flying out to El Paso, Texas to attend our niece Olivia's Princess third birthday party, and to see Josh before he gets deployed to Afghanistan the end of next month. I am soo excited to see Josh and his kids. I am also excited to be on a trip with Jaimee and my mom. It will be fun for us to all be together and I am always up to visit anywhere new! I have never been to Texas before. I have also never spent more then twelve hours away from Shawny boy. I'm hoping I can make it four days! Fortunately I will be in very good company. See ya when we get back!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye 2009!

I got put on call New Year's Eve. Yahoo! We went to a party with some of our neighbors and some new friends in our ward..after that we finished up the night with some of the people we love the most to ring in the New Year...Here's a picture taken right at twelve as we watched the ball drop with our Martinelli's..no thanks to my piece of crap old camera.

And here is the way we finished strong the year 2009..
Sonja's wedding. She looked gorgeous!! I love her. No one knows the bond two exhausted nursing students can form in the middle ot a ten hour cramming session. It only strengthened as we were exhausted construction workers for a summer in Nome,Alaska as well as when we walked the streets of Tonga in search of edible food. I will always love her pearly white smile for all it saw me through haha..

During Christmas break we had tin foil dinners in the Arizona desert with Holly and Stetson and Whitney and Mike. These are two of my favorite girls of all time. We finished our night with Rock Band in honor of sleepless nights at King Henry. RIP Apt 110.

We also obsessed over our new niece Kylee. Shawn informed that I had to share him while we were in Arizona with Kylee, but that he still loved me just as much as he always has. haha he loves Kylee and we are thrilled to have her cute face in the family. WE can't wait to see her be sealed to her parents in March. We love you miss Kylee..with all our hearts :)

Our Christmas in Arizona was so fun, I love being around Shawn's entertaining family. I was a little homesick on Christmas..but thought I was brave until I started hearing my mom's phone ring and waiting for her to say hello. Then I remembered how much I missed her face on christmas morning and couldn't hold it in any longer..these are just some of the faces that cheered me up. Just for the record in case Shawn's dad ever stumbles across this..he really is tough enough to wear pink. I sure love him-they always make me laugh, homesick or not.

This a picture of us last year snowboarding in Jackson right after New Year's..lots has changed since then!! That's back when we weren't poor married people..and oh it was soo very fun. but I'd still rather be married and broke.

hope everyone had a great new year's!! see ya in 2010.