Friday, July 23, 2010

Recent Life

For some reason lately I have been feeling like this about my profession..A little down in the dumps you could say

The past few days I came through Utah on my way back from Idaho, to work my three quick shifts at Primary Children's before heading home. I wish I had all the time in the world to see my friends that I miss so much, but instead I have to be a grown up and work :( I am exhausted from a shift that seemed way too long, and I got off two hours early! I am so happy to be back in a nice clean hospital, I could kiss the ground of that place! I have been away from Shawn for over a week to work, and that is adding to my down in the dumps-ness. Unfortunately after 6 weeks of not working and enjoying my life in the pool TOO much, I found a place to make myself useful. Sadly enough, it is usually working nights in the Arizona state prison. Definitely in ALL aspects a 360 degree turn from daytime pediatric nursing. As much as I love primary's I feel like it has been good for me to be away from the comforts of the place I consider my nursing home.

I have been working in an all men prison-at first I was terrified, I'm serious. Since I have been going back I have met some very respectable men, and every time I see them turn to walk away from me and head back to their cells alone I try to imagine how in the world that must feel. When I make the hour drive home through the Arizona desert, I think about how grateful I am that people in this life have the opportunity to change. I also think every single mile about the fact that I am only.. ONLY..doing it for a paycheck.That's it.

Last week we got a break from work, school, the prison, everything and went to Idaho with my family. I love my family! We went jet skiing, canoeing, played games, and just hung out by the lake. To me, there is no place like Idaho. Who knows if life circumstances will bring us back for good someday, but until then I will just be so grateful every time I get to visit a place so beautiful!

We missed Emily and Josh this year, neither of them could come, but family outings are not the same if even one person is missing..they better come next year we sure miss all being together. I have been spoiled being around my mom so much, it's hard not to go through withdrawals.

Tonight I am lucky enough to babysit little Soph. She is sleeping in her swing with the chubbiest cheeks ever. Her little swing plays music that is so familiar to me from piano songs we were forced to practice growing up. It makes me miss all my sisters like crazy, and I can't believe one of them is old enough to have a little baby herself. I should include Josh in there, he contributed to the Allen music with his 6th grade trumpet skills.

We are moving back to Utah next month. Back to the University of Utah, back to Primary Children's full time. We will miss our time with Shawn's family we have had so much fun with them. We are excited to get back to the place where we started out as Mr. and Mrs. Allen.

Tonight I am realizing why I write on my blog. I started out exhausted and annoyed, and I am ending very grateful for the time I have had to think back about how good life really is. Tonight I am grateful for a job, even though I like to complain about how tired working makes me. I am grateful for both my family and Shawn's, we are so very lucky when we pause long enough to think about it. I am grateful for our family friends, who have reminded us of late of the purpose of family-right when we needed it. We have grown together and thought a lot about life as we prayed and still pray for their little girl. We love you Pat and Ash. Thanks for your example! I'm grateful for my family who let me intrude when I come up to work once a month, and I'm grateful that I get a little time alone with miss Sophie tonight and that she is being so well behaved. Life really is good for us..we just need to take more time to stop and remember :) Happy Summer!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Big Huge OLD..23

So my best friend in the whole world turned 23 this week! I can't even believe we are in our mid-twenties, it actually sounds depressing when I say it that way. I had to post a few pictures from his special day. I am extremely lucky to have him around in my daily life. I think about how lucky I am when I pick up his shoes and his backpack, and his calculator after school-because I know he works so hard on his homework and in class. I think I'm lucky when he picks me up from work, or when we go out to dinner, or when I make him dinner-because I love having someone I love to make dinner for. I think about how lucky I am when I fold his laundry, or start laughing really hard, or come home to him waiting up ready to talk. I secretly think I'm lucky when I rinse out his cereal bowls, and put away the remote because I know he will somehow return the favor..I appreciate how hard he works all the time, and I am extremely lucky to be his wife.

I am very happy that he was born 23 short years ago..can't wait until 53, 73..and 93?? Who knows..either way it's lucky me.

This is blurry but this is the birthday boy in his cute birthday shirt

I could go on..but I'll spare you. We had a fun day on his birthday we went swimming, went out to dinner with family and friends and spent the day and night together..what else could we ask for. happy birthday buddy ol pal :)