Monday, April 26, 2010

Our new obsession....

We have been loving that baby after baby has been joining our family. We love holding them, but handing them back when they cry is always nice too. We love being an Aunt and Uncle again and again. We will have one new niece and 3 new nephews all in about 6 weeks time...

A week ago today we met our newest niece, Sophie Grace Griffith. She is seriously so adorable, she is teeny tiny with the most perfect features I have ever seen.

It was so nice to have my mom here!! I loved being able to stop by and see Jaimee and my mom on my days off. I have a feeling I am going to love the fact that Jaimee isn't working right now so I have some company when I'm not working and Shawn is at school. I miss living by my family much more then usual now-I am doing everything in my power to get them moved down here! Even Abby has grown up sooo much. She is hilarious and thinks she owns the world. Which she should. Tyler and Shawn love when she comes down this picture is pretty typical..Abby loves it.

I love this little girl and already feel like we are so lucky to know her. I can't wait to watch her grow up, and see how much more cute she becomes every single day. I couldn't possibly love her anymore then I do. Thanks little Soph for joining the family!!

Also a quick shout out to the rest of our gang of nieces and nephews..We have princess Olivia with her faithful brother little Henry who we miss so much in Texas, we have perfect Kylee in Arizona who we have worshiped since we met her, and we have Beckam who is completely adorable and has kept us company this last month until Sophie arrived. Every time we see any of them we wonder how any kids could possibly be more cute then them. More babies are coming from Shawn's sister and my step sister within the next few weeks. We are thankful for our family and we love them ALL so much!!

hmm and the question of the day..are Shawn and Ashley baby hungry??? Maybe, maybe not. It's our little secret.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lake Havasu

Shawn and I packed up the car this weekend and went to Lake Havasu. We have gotten very good at packing and unpacking the car lately. I am excited to have just a few calm weekends at home coming up--I have always loved being home. Lake Havasu was so beautiful this time of year..Shawn's mom and I ran a half marathon on Saturday morning. It wasn't pretty..but we finished!

I am so grateful to have ran with her. Something about having a mom by my side made me feel like life was okay and the world was good no matter what. I am more proud of her then I am of myself! She has five kids, she is 48 (oops) and she ran 13 miles. She is awesome and I love her.

At mile 10 Shawn was on the corner and I didn't even see him. That's when the run was getting hard and the sun was coming out. I have never been so happy to see his huge smile, and his bright blue eyes that I love so much. He threw his arm around me for a sec and ran with me for just long enough to keep me going for the next few miles. When I crossed the finish line he yelled loud and clear "Number ten's my wife!" and I realized I am so lucky to have him as my number one fan. He drove seven hours both ways and never even considers letting me drive. He stopped every hour on the way home to let me move my legs and go to the bathroom (and usually get a treat). He is the greatest. Next time he BETTER be running with me. It would be way easier for him that's for sure.

I only ran ten or eleven miles when I trained so at mile 12 I decided I wanted to to shoot myself. I came to a dead halt in front of the mile marker sign and just looked at like are you kidding me?? A lady with a bald head grabbed my arm, she was wearing a shirt that proudly sported the pink breast cancer ribbon. She told me I would not stop, and I would not walk the last mile. She was just what I needed. I lost her somewhere throughout that last mile, but I am grateful she stepped in when she did. I thought the last mile about her, and about how grateful I am to have the means to run. I have seen too many patients who don't have the strength to walk to the door and back. So I realized, I am very grateful for my family, I am very grateful for my number one fan, and I am very grateful for my health and the fact that I am able to run..even if my time is not great. Even if I don't lose a million pounds. Even if I don't look fantastic at the finish line.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Fever

Today I am suffering from a disgusting sickness called spring fever..I have to do laundry AND dishes AND buy groceries all in one day while feeling sick watching the snow fall. How lame. Shawn's parents are coming from Arizona tonight and I feel sorry for them to see this sight when they arrive.
Last week when the weather was actually normal we enjoyed it too much..
A trip to the Zoo: This was Shawn's idea after watching the TV series LIFE on the discovery channel. You should watch it! It's pretty good..Shawn is intrigued by life and was looking too hard at the bone maps at the zoo..nerdy?? maybe a little. These are my attempts at beginner camera tricks..also kinda nerdy.

He made a friend who jumped up on a ledge to help him look for spiders. I thought the sight was pretty's hard to tell who is more excited-

We had a few Picnics on our finally put together balcony. This is one of the reasons I wanted to get this apartment so bad.. and I have neglected it until this week-finally I got what I wanted and we had breakfast on the balcony on Sunday. It was my pride and joy for the week so I had to take a picture..a little old fashioned..but oh well. you do what you can right.

We decided to take a weekend trip to Vegas. We went with Jaimee and Tyler. Jaimee was a definite trooper because her baby will be here hopefully within a month! WE know their baby will keep them busy..and who knows we might be jealous-so we had to get OUR time in with them before baby comes and wins us all over. It was very relaxing. We played a lot, ate a lot, and spent a lot of time by the pool.

It was a very welcomed combo. Shawn had a hard time even laying by the pool for ten minutes, because he couldn't stand thinking about all there was to do. Him and Tyler went golfing and then begged us for a few dollars and tried their cheap hand at gambling. In the end we asked them their favorite part of the trip when we were loading up the car and they had to correct each other to say.."ohh spending time with you guys" like sweet little husbands should. haha hmmm...I don't know if I'll fall for that.

I love any extra minute I can get with my favorite boy..even if he won't just relax by the pool. I had to take a picture for the five minutes he could handle it.

Because we remember how great life can be without snow we are now sick and depressed as the blizzard goes crazy outside our window. SOOOO if you call and we don't answer..we will be trying to heal in our apartment with sun glasses on drinking pina coladas and listening full blast to the beach boys. come on over!