Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy bday to ME

It sounds vain but I pretty much just really love my own birthday every year. Shawn knows I love it and so he reminds me the whole month that it is coming up. I really just like it because I get to eat all of my favorite food, and usually talk to all of my favorite people in the same day. This year Shawn got off work at 1 and showed up on the doorstep with roses and a cute smile. He isn't usually a flowers type of guy, so the effort of the flowers was a very nice touch on his part, even if they were accompanied by a questionably inappropriate card!

We drove to Park city through Provo canyon, just because we both knew I needed to see the beautiful fall leaves on the way. We were not disappointed! We pathetically can't recall ever being to the actual historic downtown Park City main street, but we loved it!! We ate at a quaint little restaurant, out on the patio. We were the only ones out there. We did some people watching and took in the scenery.

We went to the outlets and discovered a Nike sale- I came home with new running shoes, which is something I have been begging for. I was impressed with how helpful Shawn can be at shopping when he puts his mind to it, he was determined to help me find the perfect shoe. I knew he had been trying to find some on his own for a while. I found evidence of chicken scratch notes on places to look for shoes in the car. The thought that he had tried so hard was the most fulfilling part of my day.

We came home to something we love-- a good comedy and our pj's.

We ate food that was much more fancy then people like us are used to eating on a regular basis. AND, that's why I love birthdays!

25 years seems old. A quarter of a century. Just yesterday I swear I turned 15 and got my first cell phone. I have to say, these have been 25 good ones. Mostly because of the people in them who make them just so good. Thanks to everyone who made me feel special on my bday weekend. I couldn't have been more satisfied.

Don't mind the dirty windshield, this sunset on the way home was too beautiful to pass up, even through the smashed bugs.


 Happiness is a wonderful thing. It's just a fact of life that it's nearly impossible to have happiness every second of every single day. Sometimes it takes effort to be truly happy, and sometimes happiness is just present in your heart when you wake up.


Sometimes, I look at Cooper and his face shows pure and complete bliss. I have caught myself thinking as I watch him, that many people ironically search a lifetime to find the happiness that comes naturally to pure, innocent, brand new little humans.  I love watching him everyday. I am reminded often as a mom and wife, what truly makes me happy-and what currently jumpstarts that feeling in my heart when I wake up. 

Here's to the genuine happiness of a kid-here's to letting the gut hang over, and the hair stand straight up. Here's to walking around in only a diaper, and eating everything that just so happens to come your way.  Here's to unbreakable spirits, and putting up a fight when life tries to take happiness away. Here's to sharing a little happiness, with people who seem really old and boring (parents) who think that work, school or finances should get in the way of going down the slide fifty times, or laughing till our pant buttons pop. We have lots to learn.