Saturday, April 30, 2011

Busy Little Bee..

Or actually I think I'm a big bee now :)
Either way, Shawn has been busy with finals..boring. I hate it because he is gone night and day. I have found something new to fill my free time, no one will probably ever see these things in real life so I have to put them on here for a little validation! It took more work then I thought, especially the chair..Please check out the projects that have been my friends the past few weeks and done a great job of keeping me company..

This is the bedding my mom made a few weeks ago. I really tried to help, but in all honesty she would have been better off without me. Every time I see it I think about her being so excited and trying to teach me little things about sewing,and Aunt Abby staying up late after we were too tired to keep our eyes open and finish tying the quilt so I could take it home to Utah with me the next morning. I love those two they are the best with all the grandkids and neices/nephews.

This is an old lamp that my aunt gave us after we got married. It is pretty plain, but lamps are expensive and we are NOT I made it into a lamp that I liked just a litle more. Both of my feet went to sleep at the same time while i was making this lamp because I was kneeling on them for too long and it was the most pain I've ever had. way worse then any part of being pregnant.

This my friends is my very favorite! The best for last..again this is attributed to my MOM. Last summer we walked down to a garage sale and found this rocking chair. It was so comfy and it just seemed perfect for a nursery..the shape of the chair was perfect--but the fabric was HIDEOUS.

We dragged it all the way home, it was only $30. I was hesitant but she knew rocking chairs like this are hard to find for a good price. I bought the fabric to recover it and my neighbor came over to help me. I have to be honest, she pretty much ended up doing it while I watched, but I did my best to help every step of the way. It was much more physical labor then I thought, we had to use a complete set of tools. My back was killing me and I had cramps by the time we were done, I actually called in sick for the first time in my seven months of being pregnant the next day. I will NOT be recovering another chair anytime soon..but this is now my favorite thing in the nursery. I hope I can use it for a boy or girl so I tried to pick neutral fabric. It is so comfy and I have spent a lot of time making sure I am getting good at rocking in it.

I had lots of help with these projects but they kept me thoroughly entertained all week..Everything we have in our nursery is home made or from a garage sale except our crib itself. I still have a little table and a changing table to re-paint. Your nursery is made with love little boy, because your mom is saving her dollars! Even if me and you are the only two people who ever see it...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Spring is creeping it's way back in.
My favorite part of Sugar house is beginning to come back to me.
I love these trees. They cover the streets just so perfectly..I wonder how long they have been here. Whoever planted them was genius! Of course it reminds me of a quote from my good friend Anne (of the island at that point, I believe) but I'll spare it.

We took a little sunday stroll around the block to celebrate the nice weather over easter weekend.
The easter bunny came to visit us, in the very best (and cheapest) way he (or she?) knew how. We must have been good little Allen boys and a girl this year. Shawn was surprised, I was proud. It could've been better, but I think the bunny gets better with age, and probably finances.

Shawn's mom spoiled us with a package, including a little Arizona Diamondbacks baseball outfit for little Allen. She is the very best. And so is he, he deserves a baseball outfit. Now Shawn is imagining taking his three week old to a DBacks game before the season ends..we need to chat about that one.

We colored easter eggs with good friends.
I worked, and dressed up a little teeny tiny for his first easter in this crazy world.
We laughed about the fact that our little babe wants us to make sure we know he exists at all times. Whenever we are deep in conversation he reminds us he is to be included. His cute little legs have mastered a swift kick. Don't worry little guy, trust me we know you're there :)

And sometimes lately, I am guilty of daydreaming about a paradise like this where time doesn't exist and we are away from schedules of any kind. Right now Shawn's schedule is really tight, I have to pencil myself in. We are on the countdown it's finals week!

I love spring, we have been celebrating new life this spring. In every way shape and form. Happy Easter and Springtime and love life time to anyone and everyone :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Conference Sleepover Weekend..

Conference weekend was wonderful. We relaxed, slept in, ate good food, saw family and good friends, what more can I ask for? We went to the Sunday afternoon session of conference, we love every single chance we have to go. Every time we go we wonder where we will be next conference time, and if we will have the chance to be back at the conference center. This time I couldn't sit still knowing that next time we have conference we will be watching it with a little boy hanging around..even though we will be loving watching it at home with him-I'll never get sick of being so close to the speakers, and hearing the choir live. It's one of my very favorite things!

Since before we were married I have had my special spot when I watch TV or a movie with Shawn. Whether it's my parents house, his parents, or our own house, I always have to be on the inside of the couch-about half way under the back couch cushions as tightly squeezed in as possible because everyone who knows me knows I like to be burning hot all the time! Not just warm, but over heating. Every time I get home from work, I grab a blanket and Shawn, and he automatically scoots to the outside and does his job. This weekend I jumped in my spot, comfy and cozy as can be. Something very tragic happened. I'm sad to admit that Shawn wasn't comfortable anymore because my belly has started to invade his space. He tried to nicely tell me that we are going to have to rearrange for the next few months..We tried staggering our heads on opposite ends but it just wasn't fun with his feet by my face! I used to use that trick with Jaimee in the back seat of the Astro van and it worked much better because her feet had painted toenails and were probably a size six. Shawn's feet are a size 12 and his toe nails are not as beautiful as mine of course are.

[this was the result..]

We tried sitting on different couches and it was far too lonely. So we pulled out the patched up old air mattress, I let it mess up my front room the entire weekend, and it was delightful to fall asleep and wake up on at all hours of the day and night. We had great sleepovers in our front room and we wondered why we slept so good. We realized when we were putting it away Sunday night that it's actually bigger then our real bed..which is a full. Poor Shawn was happy to not have his feet hanging off. I loved being lazy..Monday was back to real life. Work, school, and a clean front room. But it was fun, I have to be honest. I would be up for making at least one conference weekend a year a sleepover weekend with the air mattress in the front room from now on..we just might. Even when we are forty. Then we probably REALLY won't fit on the couch anymore and not just because I'm pregnant..but let's not go there :) Hope everyone enjoyed conference! Happy spring, hopefully someday..

[VERY well rested and ready for conference!]

Isn't he the most handsome husband?! Besides YOUR husband of course :)