Monday, September 28, 2009

Country Roots

This post includes the reasons that I believe my Rexburg-may I even say the word "BURTON" roots run straight to my core. Although I drive everyday on freeways that terrify me because they have so many lanes..and arrive at work in a hospital that is right smack in downtown Salt Lake-which likely has more buildings then all of Southeast Idaho, this is the way I have been spending my free time.
Over Labor Day weekend we decided to go camping with Jaimee and Tyler. Their job was to get the food while Shawn and I found that perfect spot. I believe that was mistake number one. Why would any of us ever select Shawn and I for that job?? I really don't know. Fortunately, Shawn and I found that glorious perfect spot. Jaimee and Tyler arrived and we couldn't wait to show it off in all our pride and excitement. here are a few pics of campsite number ONE...
Keep in mind as you look that that manly man looking for firewood is the new varsity scout leader/teachers quorum advisor in our ward..haha :)

Right when our lives seemed as if they couldn't get any better..and our tummys were full with roasted hot dogs and smores we see the beam of a flashlight coming from a cop. Pretty quickly we were putting all of our stuff away, and moving it all to a different campsite..and paying a $120 dollar ticket. How annoying!! We honestly didn't see any NO camping signs..I have to admit I haven't felt more Idaho then when I saw that cop. What is it with campfires--they ALWAYS seem to get shut down..Here are the pics from our NEW campsite, trust me our night was not ruined..Although we realize we could have stayed in a hilton hotel for the price of our ticket and our new campsite..we had so much fun with Jaimee and Tyler and are so lucky to have them close by.

The next weekend Shawn and I ventured to Brad Paisley and Dierks Bentley..even in the rain. The song "Then" by Brad Paisley was one of the songs on our wedding DVD..and it pretty much makes me tear up everytime I hear it. Shawn has never been a country fan..but little by little he is learning to love it I just know it. I have heard him humming a few country songs not meaning too and I secretly love that he is coming around although he denies it..He had to get our tickets from the Harley Davidson store..I wish I could have seen him in there with all the motorcycle junkies-he was clearly out of his element but im glad he got our tickets.
Last but not least-This past weekend we went to Idaho for mine and Abby's birthdays. All I wanted to do was GO TO IDAHO for my birthday which finishes my proving a point. We went to my grandmas and had a barbecue and rode four wheelers..I was in heaven. I guess it's truth- you can take the girl out of the country..but apparently the country never leaves the girl..And honestly I don't really mind. There's something about the smell of a campfire..or the sound of a fourwheeler..or the leaves turning colors..or kids getting on a bus for the first day of school..that take me right back to where I started..good old Rexburg..and all the friends and family that come with it.

Did I mention before all of that we hit the Idaho State Fair?? I haven't missed one year--I love that place.
**Also, we watched Emily play volleyball..I must admit she is amazing I also must admit and come to accept that she definitely does not in any way shape or form get her skills from me..that may shock a few of you who were once upon a time my teammates.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So very BLESSED..

Unfortunately, being human, I have in the past had a horrible case of looking around me at the millions of fortunate people in the world and wishing me and Shawn were just slightly more fortunate. Somewhere in the midst of limiting my shopping trips and cutting back on the cell phone minutes I have neglected to find the time to realize all that we have. Instead my mind works like this-we are poor because we have to pay for college, we could buy a house but we have an apartment instead, we could live in a far away country saving lives and having adventures but we are in little old utah and missing Arizona and Idaho.
Since we have been married however, I have been amazed at our many thousands and thousands of blessings and I am proud to realize that I am becoming healed from my natural syndrome, and I will not miss it at ALL when it's gone. Shawn is a great cure because no matter what he thinks life is completely wonderful in his eyes and that in itself is the first reason I am blessed :)
This is the face that I LOVE. the laugh that makes me so happy and the smile that greets me everyday when I walk through the door. The number one thing that I realized about Shawn since we have been married is that he is ALWAYS happy. It is so great for me because when I stress about a million little things-which happens a little too often-Shawn reminds me how great our life really is..I am blessed because I see this everyday.

In my very bias opinion I have to say that my sisters made the cutest bridesmaids a girl could ever ask for. My sisters are my favorite people in the world..I have no idea what I would ever do without them..they were the hugest help for our wedding. Jaimee is my neighbor and keeps my daily life exciting, somewhere in the past 22 years she has become my very best friend. Emily's life keeps everyone entertained because there is never a dull moment, and little awkward Abby is all of our favorite, she has her own little world and we love it. Easy to say I am blessed because I know them..

On the sister new sister Anjane has had the amazing chance to adopt a baby! The whole thing has came together in the past week and half and they should have the baby by Friday. Shawn and I can't wait. They are amazing people and deserve the miracle that came their way. I can't wait to go home to Arizona in October and see our new niece!! It is our first niece on Shawn's side of the family and we can't wait to meet her and somehow we already love her and think she is the cutest thing ever just through pictures sent by cell phone. Someday I will go visit her and put her pictures on here so everyone can see how blessed we are, by the miracle that came to Anjane and Lincoln.

To end a post that is already way too long, I have to say that in the end all of these random thoughts bring me here. This is the place Shawn and I were married and the place that seals the deal for our whole crew to never have to miss out on the blessings that being together provides. It is easy to forget, but even easier to remember the many reason that we are fortunate, lucky, blessed, spoiled, etc etc.