Tuesday, October 25, 2011


And here we are again. Saying hello and a much too quick goodbye to our cherished friend Mr. Fall. Pumpkin cookies. Boots. Fresh cut grain. Birthdays. Potato harvest. Color changing leaves at my beloved Sugarhouse park. High School football games we can see and hear on Friday nights out our window. Every time we hear the muffled cheers I say, please let's go! And Shawn says..Sorry girl, not ever gonna happen. But to me the sound is great. To me it opens up a can of memory worms. And they are oh so wonderful memories. Shawn is a boy, I don't think he fully understands the beauty of just relishing some good old fashioned memories of fall.

I have a whole list of pumpkin things to go seek out before they disappear once again. Pumpkin bagels and cream cheese at Einstein's, pumpkin frozen yogurt at maverik, Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies made by my mom, Pumpkin pie blizzard at Dairy Queen, pumpkin oreo shake at Millies, and pumpkin with graham cracker at Red Mango. It's been a healthy month if you can't tell. Shawn hates pumpkin. It's not very fun eating everything pumpkin on my own, but don't get me wrong, that won't stop me from eating it. Speaking of pumpkin, check out this cute little boy with his very first pumpkin.

We took a little trip last weekend to a cider mill/pumpkin patch in Sandy. It really wasn't overly exciting, but it was a beautiful night so we stayed anyways. Cooper and I both brought our own pumpkin home,and Shawn grabbed a jug of fresh Apple Cider. It was one of those nights I wanted to keep forever in my mind. Everything just seemed perfect for the moment. No particular stress or worries, no concept of time, beautiful weather, just calm and care free, my two favorite people by my side. Now that doesn't happen everyday.

Although we have to be home by Coopers bedtime these days, we did grab milkshakes on the way home..as if apple cider was not already enough. We put Mr. Coop in bed and we snuggled up with Friday night lights from Netflix. We stayed up late and pretended like we had no priorities, and no reason not to. That came back to bite us when Cooper woke up about an hour after we fell asleep.

For memories sake-Cooper smiles and seems very entertained by watching us chew. He loves sitting in his bumbo and talking during dinner. He tries so hard to make sounds and attempt stories sometimes he almost gags, he kicks his little feet like crazy just trying to get something out. He likes to hold hands, and he finally seems to recognize his mom and dad and realizes that we are all actually becoming pretty good friends. He holds onto my shirt when I am feeding him, and when I try to put him in his crib he holds on for dear life. He loves Shawn, when he gets home from work he watches him walk around back and forth like he is watching a tennis match.

It is quite flattering to know a little person loves you so much regardless of your social standing or your appearance that particular day. Just when we think we couldn't love him more, he does something new and makes it happen.