Friday, October 23, 2009


I have to say I am in love with the season of fall. Not only is it my birthday and my cute little sister Abba's birthday (which is always a plus) it also means little kids at our complex start walking up the streets with their backpacks on and new little shoes. The beautiful trees lining the streets show off all different colors and I can't help but stare out the window more often then usual. Our neighbors-Erica and Austin-are the cutest little things I have ever seen walk back from a bus stop. It took us a while to be used to having 5 and 6 year old visitors who thought they were welcome at all times-but now that I am used to it I can't help but love them. Yesterday they knocked on our door dressed as a queen and a bumblebee transformer..The day before that they brought us pumpkins right from the pumpkin patch-Lucky Us! They add excitement to our lives-I need to post pictures of them soon.
Here are a few pics of our fall thus far..Please excuse my hand signs-Shawn is still in this little phase where he loves those-he insists in some pictures I make an A for the "A-team" or A for "ALLEN". A IS apparently our favorite letter, but still I don't think those signs are necessary.

Our drive to ARIZONA was beautiful through the canyons last week. Usually I fall right asleep to the lovely lull of the car no matter how hard I try-but not this time. This trip I stayed awake and had long conversations while we looked at the trees. I really believe that the air smells better in the fall, the mountains are prettier, and my body is happier warmed up in sweaters and boots. I am ready to bring out the pumpkin carving, hot chocolate and potato soup. I have spent all my spare change these past few weeks on autumn leafy garland or pumpkin and apple cider candles. Oh ya and on an extremely cute pumpkin hat for our niece Kylee. Nothing makes me happier then when Shawn comes home from school with Maverik's wonderful pumpkin frozen yogurt and we throw in an episode of Grey's Anatomy. If you haven't tried pumpkin frozen yogurt from Maverik PLEASE do.

oh also..Last night was my dear friend Natasha's birthday and we all went to was so fun to be out with all my old roomies and it's so crazy that almost all of us are married!! I love them all oh so much. It was a wonderful night..
This picture is very scary of me and my sweater..but I never get to see them so I have to put it up anyway-for old times sake.
Happy Fall!!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Free Time??

Free Time. What the heck is that anyway? I think it is something that nursing school may have unintentionally robbed me of...and then Primary Children's training took over from there and sucked up whatever small seconds remained. FINALLY after a year and a half at the hospital things have slightly calmed and I am actually feeling like I can trust myself as a nurse. FINALLY I finished my Bachelors degree right before Shawn and I got married. Which means, after three and half very long years I am so ecstatic to admit that the words Free Time are sneaking back into my vocabulary.
Now I will become a better friend and a better family member, now I will clean my house better and keep my closet walk-inable (ya right). Now I will not fall asleep in the middle of listening to the stories of people I love (many of you have witnessed this)It almost seems to good to be true.
On the other hand, I realized when I went to Tonga and visited such a relaxed island, that unfortunately I am not one who can stand free time and low stress. As much as I wish I could I secretly think I thrive off of it. I have developed a few ideas to suck this free time right up..

Scrapbooking..I am so behind but my sister and mother-in-law have just given me VERY fun new things so I can't wait to catch up.

Photography Workshop..As soon as I can I am planning to sign up for a hopeful workshop with my wedding photographer because her pictures completely inspired me. I have been telling my mom for weeks that I want to get that started..

Babies..NOT ours. within the next few months Shawn and I will have 5new nieces/nephews. We are SOO excited. His sister just adopted the most adorable little girl who already stole our hearts this past week in Arizona. Shawn's other sister Melissa is due in the spring-as well as my sister Jaimee and two of my step sisters. we are so excited.

THE GYM: There are times I have told Shawn I would rather starve for three days then go to the gym for one hour after I have a long day at work! Hopefully, that attitude is out the window now that I have my new friend in my life called Free time..please encourage me.

Anyone have any photo suggestions..or scrapbooking websites..Let me know! I'm posting some pictures soon of our recent trip to Arizona.. Hope everyone is doing great! Thanks all of you for keeping in touch :)