Monday, March 19, 2012

Here comes the sun

We are so happy to have the sun back. I don't think I actually have seasonal depression but I have to say I naturally feel 100,000 times happier when I see the sun shining and hear a few birds chirping. We have taken full advantage. It was just in time for Shawn's spring made last weekend just amazing.
Cooper has always been a lover of being outside. When he was a newborn he would fall asleep the second we took him outside. Last week he laughed every time we put our hand on the door knob and started shaking it. Here is just one big giant picture overload for anyone who cares. They prove that Cooper truly is a sun junkie like his mom. I just really had to take a million pictures of everything, because I'm the mom and I naturally love everything that goes on in Cooper's life. I think Utah and Idaho people get much more excited for the sun in the springtime then the average person, because we don't see the sun nearly enough.

We took a Sunday afternoon walk to Wasatch Hollow, complete with nap hair and we didn't even care.
Cooper loves Shawn right now and thinks he is just the funniest person in the world..unfortunately I have to make Cooper take his naps and not eat his favorite things which include the remote and toilet paper, so I believe that bumped me to second funniest.
It's hilarious that Cooper actually keeps these glasses on and just looks through them like he thinks they are awesome.
Just dreaming of being outside during lunchtime
We played a little tennis and Cooper actually just played in the corner as happy as can be..he is not usually that easily self entertained!

I bought this chair for Cooper for Easter but it was such a nice day I had to give in early. I set him on the steps and put his bottle in the cup holder. He was so content he watched cars go up and down our street for a good forty five minutes. It was funny because I couldn't get him to smile or change his expression at all he was so mellow! Every once in a while he would grab his bottle for a little sip, but other then that he did NOT move.

Utah summers are my favorite. Look at this gorgeous sunset. We went on a little drive and couldn't get over how lucky we are to be living somewhere with so much to explore within such a short distance of our house. We don't know how much longer we will be in now I'm getting all sentimental and proclaiming my love for it! I hope we spend lots more time here in our future..

ps if anyone can tell me how to make these pictures on my blog bigger, so the full adorableness of cooper's face can be enjoyed I would really appreciate it!!