Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cooper and Gracie

 Siblings. There is nothing in this world quite like them. I'm obsessed with my own, so it's only fitting that  my son be obsessed with his. Here's a few pictures I want to save forever of Cooper, with his beloved  "Gr-Gr" He looks for her first in the morning when he wakes up, and he calls for her in the backseat if she isn't making noise in her car seat. One morning Gracie was fussing on the couch, and I ran to grab something. I came back and found her pants, her blanket, and her binki all on top of her face from Cooper's attempts to comfort her. Although it didn't help the situation much, it sure was a nice try! Last week I was getting ready to take them both to the doctor and was calling for an appointment, I turned around and found Cooper happily sitting with Gracie in her carseat. Surprisingly, she was wide awake just looking around and had no problem with it! He is not a very mellow child, but if he is in the mood to hold Gracie he will sit there forever. I love this first picture, notice Gracie's crossed legs, they were both just chillin on her bouncer-I'm surprised it's not broken.

Sick day lounging
 blessing day

Nothing has made me happier as a mom then to watch these two interact in the tiniest of ways. I am convinced that Cooper remembered this girl, he had just barely been here a year when she arrived after all. He met her when she was just 8 hours old and immediately wanted to kiss her and hug her the moment he walked into our hospital room. Luckily my neighbor brought Cooper to us, and just picked up the camera and starting clicking. I am so thankful, these pictures are some of my favorite treasures! Looking forward to watching these two grow up side by side...


  1. Ashley, your kids are so adorable! I love all the pictures of them and how cute Cooper is with her. Much love to you and hopefully I'll get to see you when you come visit. Love you

  2. I love this post so much! Its like Cooper was just waiting for his lil sis to come from heaven. I LOOOOOVE all the pictures....such sweet moments! Gracie is a teeny little thing. And cooper is a beautiful boy! :)